Top 10 gifts for a Crossfitter - 2014 Season

After a successful list last year, we decided to again create a top 10 list for gifts for the crossfitter of 2014!
Not sure what to give a fire-breather? Not to worry, this list should get you covered.

1) Reebok Lite TR - $89.99

The strength shoe for any serious lifter! Co-created with Mark Bell, so you know they weren't going for half measures. A true powerlifting shoe, designed by and for powerlifters. And they look pretty awesome too.

2) WODies Crossfit Gloves - JerkFit $39.95

Torn hands are SO 2013! Why would anyone want to rip their hands to shreds and not be able to crossfit for days? WODies are an excellent solution to that, preventing tears and rips, so the WOD can go on!

3) Workt Knee Sleeves $37.99

Ever since we saw Chris Spealler rock these sleeves, the Workt sleeves are actually on our wish-list as well. Need we say more?

4) Fran Happened t-shirt - RokFit $26

Yeah, what else can you say... She just happened, we know all about that.
Now you can have a shirt to prove it.

5) Primal Sports Mud - from $17.99

Sure, you can be all badass and grind through the soreness, but honestly, it's not going to do any good in the long run. Just take care of yourself and aid your recovery with Primal Sports Mud, so you can go 100% on your next WOD.

6) Paleo Magazine - Year subscription $29.99

You don't have to go Paleo to be a crossfitter or vice versa, but it can't hurt to check out recipes, articles and other great information based on the diet of our distant ancestors.

7) ReTap Bottle - from $15

Hydrate before, during and after a WOD and also help to reduce the huge pile of plastic polluting our planet and ocean. ReTap bottles come in various sizes and colours and are extremely durable. So durable, they actually provide a lifetime warranty!

8) Tally Clicker - $9.95

A what? You mean those things they use at nightclubs and airplanes? Yes, because we've all been there, you're in round 8 or... was it 9? Or 10? Instead of trying to keep score in your head, a piece of paper or with calk marks, this tally clicker is the most back to basics counting device that can make your life a whole lot easier.

9) Wrist Wraps - from $15

Whether it's Hello Kitty or Ninja Turtles, there is a choice for all. Who wants to show up with boring plain coloured wrist wraps if you can choose from so many designs?

10) Learning to Breathe Fire - $17.97 (hardcover)

Breaking Muscle called it the "crossfit of books", the author is praised for beautiful writing and reviews claim it's a must-read for any crossfitter.
That pretty much explains itself we think.

So, there you have it, a list we believe that can help anyone come up with gift ideas, or perhaps you now know what to ask for ;-)

Happy Holidays!

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The JumpNrope Double Under Seminar Report

Ask any crossfitter what their most frustrating experience is when starting out, most likely the answer will be "those damn double unders"

Many of us, yes, including me, have dreaded those days; you check the WOD at your box's website, and it has double unders. Crap.
Then you know you have a few options: 1) you sign out 2) you show up and you opt for the scaled version, meaning you have to do like a 1000 singles 3) you attempt to do the DU's and end up looking like you came out of an attack from 43 hysterical kittens.

As I've noticed over time, there are 5 types of crossfitters when it comes to double unders.

1) You can't do any, so you always have to do singles.
2) You can do about 3-4 in a row, alternating with a lot of singles.
3) You can do about 20, but it leaves you exhausted, so you still rather do singles. Which sorta sucks.
4) On a good day, you can do over 60, but your technique could use a touch up.
5) You can do them, any time, any day. Go away, we hate you.

Personally, I fit into that 4 category, I know I can do them, but I know for sure I can do better.
So when a Double Under Seminar by JumpNRope came to town, this was the perfect opportunity!


JumpNrope was founded in 2005 by Molly Metz, an international competitive jumper with over 30 years of experience under her belt (rope, haha). The idea was to inspire kids to jump rope, but it soon became clear there was a large demand coming from the crossfit community as well. The Double Under Seminars were born.

So, on a very early Sunday morning (9 AM!) I headed to my first DU Seminar, and was greeted by a team of 4 very experienced staff: Molly, Trevor, Katie & Jeremy (with a bigger beard now)
Got my name-tag and the number of most DU's I've ever done (80) written on it as well. Which immediately resulted in snarky comments from the other attendants "what are you doing here then??"
Well, let's find out!

The Seminar

After an introduction of the staff, they first lay the foundation of the DU, the JumpNrope Double Under Set-Up. This is an essential part of making a double under successful.

Next up was practicing the various ways to jump (side-ways, splits, etc.) and the speed step, followed by a little competition in max speed steps in 1 minute (I got 86, not too bad!)

After a few more skills & drills, we got split up in groups of skill level, and did a few more drills and got individual feedback. Also our group got to try out the several speed ropes that were provided.

At the end, the staff showed off some of their own amazing jumping talents and there was opportunity to buy your own rope and have it sized (which almost everyone did, including me)

The key take-out for me

Like I said in the beginning, I was already able to do DU's, but doing them efficiently was a whole different game. When done right, you can do DU's endlessly without straining yourself.
Something most of us do after we hear 3,2,1, Go! is tense up and jump frantically, in the hope we reach the desired number quickly.
The trick is to maintain your position, relax and find your rhythm. This takes practice, but the seminar provided an amazing stepping stone and the "aha" moment I was hoping for.
Was it worth getting up early on a Sunday? Absolutely!

A big thanks to Molly, Trevor, Katie & Jeremy for this great learning experience!

More info?

Check out their website for more information: or check JumpNropeTV on YouTube.

Product Review: Reflex Whey Protein

There are quite a few high quality supplement companies in the UK, and one of them is Reflex Nutrition. Based in Brighton and founded by James Philips in 1996, their slogan is "Tomorrows Nutrition Today".
Making whey products since 1997, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about protein.

We got to try 2 of their whey proteins:

- Instant Whey Pro (chocolate)
Instant Whey Pro
- Instant Whey Duo (strawberry)

Instant Whey Pro contains 80% protein, is lower in carbohydrates and contains 4 types of friendly bacteria, making it a very unique whey protein.
The powder mixes really easily, leaving no lumps. The taste is a subtle & creamy chocolate, very pleasant.

Instant Whey Duo

Instant Whey Duo contains 75% protein and is a bit higher in carbohydrates. Again, the powder mixes easily, and the strawberry taste is not too sweet.

The protein ratio for the Whey Pro is 0,8 and for the Whey Duo 0,75, making them both a an excellent protein supplement!

Where to buy?

You can get both proteins at Predator Nutrition, in 5lb jars or single servings.

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