Product Review: Go Nutrition Whey 80

GoNutrition started about a year ago and was found by the the same guy that started MyProtein back in 2004, Oliver Cookson.

The company offers a wide variety of sports supplements, from whey to nut butters and beyond. Of course we were keen to try some of the products out, in particular their whey protein.

This time, we got our hands on 2 flavors:

- Strawberries & Whipped Cream
- Maple Syrup & Pancake

Especially the latter sounds really interesting, since this is a flavor we haven't seen before.


First, let's have a look at the macros of the Whey 80:

The protein/per gram ratio is pretty good at 0,816, which is higher than some of the top brands out there.


The amount of ingredients comes down to 4-5, which is a very acceptable amount, all ingredients are clearly explained and logic.

Mixability and Taste

The protein mixes excellent, both in a shaker cup or blender, no lumps at all.
The taste of the Maple Syrup & Pancake really resembles the description, you can clearly distinguish the maple, a really nice flavor!

The same goes for the Strawberries & Whipped Cream, really creamy texture, and the strawberry is not too overpowering and tastes really natural.

To conclude

The Whey 80 protein is an excellent whey protein, has a high amount of protein, tastes great and contains few ingredients. On top of that, it's available in 4 sizes:
- 500 grams
- 1 kg
- 2 kg
- 4,5 kg

So you can try out all the flavors without having to buy large quantities straight away!

Oat Flour Protein Waffles

Most of us will have a protein powder in their cupboard that you don't dislike, but it's not really your first choice either. After trying many flavors over the years, we just concluded that chocolate and peanut butter are our own personal favorites and we should just stick to those.
So what to do with those poor powders that are always on the bench? Get them back in the game with protein waffles!

In our case it's the Cellucor Cor-Fetti Whey, we like it, but it's just not the all-time favorite. But it's perfect for this recipe, making 4 waffles total.

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1/2 cup (100 ml) liquid egg-whites
1 whole egg
40 grams of whey protein
30 grams of oat flour

Mix all the ingredients into a batter, and to make things easy, use a squeeze bottle to pour the batter in the waffle maker. Heat up the waffle maker, pour the batter in and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Top with some Walden Farms Pancake Syrup (this one actually tastes good)

But wait, what about heating whey?? Check this article to answer your question.

Home-Made Quest Bar: Natural Chocolate

After the successful first round, this time we decided to perfect the procedure a bit and at the same time also make a bar with more natural ingredients.

When using a protein powder with a flavor, you still end up with extra ingredients of the protein powder you might not want.
Many whey proteins often use a sweetener called sucralose, a binder derived from soy (soy lecithin) just to name a few.

Since the Vita Fiber is already sweet, you don't really need any extra sweeteners.
So let's try a bar with only 3 ingredients:

40 grams of Vita Fiber
25 grams of unflavored whey protein - we used Protein 17, but you can use any type of unflavored whey.
8 grams (1 tbsp) of cocoa powder

First, mix up the whey and cocoa powder together in a bowl. You could skip this to create more of a swirl in the bar, but in this case we want an even color throughout the bar.
Again, heat the Vita Fiber in a small saucepan until it starts to bubble.

Pour the Vita Fiber into the bowl and stir this through the mixture
until you get a crumbly consistency.
Transfer it over onto a piece of plastic wrap and squeeze it together well, you should end up with a Play-Doh type of chunk.

Now transfer it over to a new piece of plastic wrap if needed, and knead it into a bar. Wrap it up, cut off any excess plastic, and cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

One of the things we wondered about, was if this bar keeps well outside the fridge? Once it's kept in the fridge overnight, it becomes quite hard, and after leaving it out for about 6 hours or so, it became a little softer, but was still quite solid.

Reason for this is the heating of the Vita Fiber, you can also make a bar without heating it, but the bar is significantly softer and stickier.

Want the awesome macros? Here you go:

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