No more monkey butt: Chamois Cream

If you belong to that group of people that after many reps of sit-ups fears to have a warm shower because it feels like your a$$ is on fire, then keep reading.
We recall our first incident of monkey butt way to well. Totally clueless of what fate was awaiting us, we rocked "Annie", which contains a ton of sit-ups (and double unders.)
It was only until later, when the warm water got to the "area", when we realized what happened. It wasn't pretty. It involved blood, raw skin, well, you get the idea.
Anyway, after asking around, it turned out not everyone has this problem. Some people walk away unscathed after many reps with the abmat, while others cannot sit down normally for a week. So what's the deal??

Obviously, it's caused by friction. The top part of the butt crack is the tilting point while doing the sit-ups, and that is usually the affected area. We personally believe that the position of the lower back can be the cause of the problem. People that tend to have a more natural hollow back, tend to get monkey butt from sit-ups.
It doesn't necessarily happen in all cases, but it could be a cause.
After a short Google search, there are lots of tips to be found on how to prevent it:

- put a mat/towel under your butt
- wear compression shorts
- put your hands in a diamond shape under your butt
- don't use an abmat
- use talcum powder

But hey, what about a cream that is actually designed to reduce friction? And is made to put on your butt? The answer is simple: bike saddle cream. Cream that is originally made to prevent saddle sores could potentially be the answer to this problem? Let's put it to the test....

We bought ourselves a tub of Assos (really??) Chamois cream and tested it during a wod that had an AMRAP in 10 mins of:

20 back-squats
40 sit-ups

(Tip: Don't put too much cream everywhere, because it will feel like you, uhm well, it just feels nasty, ok?
Just put the cream on the area known to get the abrasions, and you're good to go.)

What is Chamois Cream and what does it do?
The cream reduces friction and keeps your skin cool, prevents inflammation and has antibacterial properties.
Somehow, it creates a protective layer on your skin, and when you apply it, yo can immediately feel it's cooling effect.

Did it work for the sit-ups?
To our surprise, it worked, no shaved or bleeding skin after the wod, not even a little scratch!
The only thing that hurts a bit, is the price; a tub can be yours for an average of $20-$22, but if you're willing to drop the cash, you'll agree it's worth it.
Our rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Where to buy?
Check your local bike store, they might carry it already or can order it for you. Also check the Assos site for retailers near you:, or get it here:


We're sure Chris Spealler got a monkey butt after this wod:

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