Product Review: JAW Pullup Grips

We've all been there; doing origami-like taping to protect our hands from ripping up whilst doing pull-ups.
Sure, Jason has a great way of explaining, and we're sure it works for most, but we found a solution that will be ready within the first 20 seconds of his video:

They are called the JAW pullup Grips.
Made in the land Down Under, the grips are made of a strong fabric, which is thinner than the regular leather grips. For some, leather grips give a feeling of not having enough contact with the bar, rings, etc.
Now, do they work? We think they do! Submitted them to KB swings & pullups, and afterwards our hands were still in unscathed condition. The fabric didn't rip and the grip stayed nicely in place.

Available in various colors and sizes, there are plenty to choose from!

Buy them directly from JAW (International shipping) or get them at WODShop

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