Counting Macros - Week 2

Week 2 has turned around, and I've made a few estimates already (without weighing myself, this will happen next week) First of all, the average calorie intake per day in the last 14 days has been 2055.
 Second, I'm simply looking at calories only, not really paying attention yet to the macro intake.
The current setting I have:

Carbs: 35%
Protein: 35%
Fat: 30%

To be fair, for my weight and frame, 184 grams of protein is quite much (ok, way too much) so this week I'll tweak that and add more to my carbs and fats, making it like this:

The higher carb intake will be difficult, since I don't eat grains. Most of my carbs come from veggies, some fruit and the occasional potato.

Below, an example of how the average intake of macros has been going so far:

Weely calorie overview week 2

So the goal this week will be to increase carbs, lower protein a bit and maintain fat intake.

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