Cellucor Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Whey Review

This review was long overdue, since the new flavor by Cellucor, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough has
already been available for a while, but we still wanted to give our 2 cents on this flavor from our favorite supplement company.

The powder itself looks a lot like vanilla, but if you look closer, you can distinguish the chocolate chips in the powder. The taste resembles indeed the cookie dough flavor, although it's always hard to match the exact taste with protein powder. But if you would melt a pint of Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice-cream and blend it up, this comes pretty close!

As usual, it mixes fantastic and tastes excellent with both water and (almond) milk.

The macros are the same as the other flavors, with 25 grams of protein per (35 gram) scoop.

This flavor is sold exclusively via GNC, or on the Cellucor website.

Once again, Cellucor manages to deliver a fantastic flavor, who knows what's next??

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