Reviewed & Approved: Pumped Up Pancakes

We love pancakes (who doesn't?) and we love protein, so when these 2 meet, something good must be happening. A while ago, we discovered Pumped Up Pancakes, a company based in California that makes a protein buttermilk pancake mix.

Their mix is gluten free, high protein and only needs water to make delicious, fluffy pancakes in a few
minutes. We got ourselves a bag and got into the kitchen.
One serving of 55 grams (1/2 a cup) makes about 4 pancakes and is 20 grams of protein.

They came out super nice and fluffy, and taste great even plain, but of course you can add toppings like Nutella (what we did) P28 Peanut butter for even more protein or Nuts 'n More.

A bag of Pumped Up Pancakes is $10.95, making about 12 pancakes total, but you can also use the mix for making waffles, shakes, breads or even muffins. Check out their recipe page for more inspiration.

We give Pumped Up Pancakes a big 5 out of 5!
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