Home-Made Quest Bar: Chocolate-Peanut

We (almost) all love Quest Bars, the protein bar with the insane macros and the widest variety of flavors, but we also know that they are quite pricy, especially when you live outside of the United States.

What if we told you you could make your own Quest Bars? With perhaps even better macros? In your own flavor of choice?

Korean Oligodang
The key part of the Quest Bar is the fact that it's low in carbohydrates. This is because of an ingredient called IMO fiber, also known as Isomalto-Oligosaccharide. It's what binds the bar basically together. And the binding part is where most home-made protein bars fail to be low carb, since dried fruits are often used instead, and they are loaded with sugar.

But luckily, there are products on the market to help us out, like this and another one called Vita Fiber. Sometimes you'll also find it under the name oligodang or mulyeot.
In our recipe, we're using Vita Fiber.


50 grams of Vita Fiber
35 grams of protein powder - we used GN Triple Chocolate, but you can use any brand/flavor you like.
30 grams of Nuts 'n More Chocolate Peanut
(for Europe, check here)

In a small sauce-pan, heat the Vita Fiber until it starts to bubble a bit.
Take it off the heat, and add in the other ingredients and mix it into a crumbly dough.
The easiest way is to place it all on a piece of plastic wrap and knead it into a ball.
Macros (1 small bar)

Now form it into 2 small bars (or 1 big bar, like we did) You can use a small loaf pan to shape it a bit better. Put it in the fridge for about 30 minutes to harden a bit. Done! Eat!

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