Victory bar Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Review

To expand the Oh Yeah! Victory bar line, the latest addition is the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip flavor.

We were dying to try these out, since we're big fans of Victory bars. In all honesty, we actually like them better than Quest bars (shhhht)

Making a low carb bar that's low in sugar, high in protein and still tastes good, is quite a challenge. But so far, ISS Research has managed to do a good job.
So let's take a bite and see what this new bar is all about.


Strangely enough, the ingredients aren't available online on the ISS site, so we found this list below:

The ingredients don't differ much from the other bars, with the natural prebiotic soluble fiber being the main source of fiber and binding the bar together.


The macros are the same as the other bars as well, serving 200 calories and 21 grams of protein per bar.
The carbs are coming from the prebiotic fiber, and total net carbs are a combination of the sugar & starch, totaling 11 grams.


The most important part. How does this new bar taste?
In all honesty, it was a bit disappointing. This can be a personal thing, but there is a particular unpleasant bitter after taste to it that lingers a too bit long in the back of your mouth.

Too bad, but this bar just won't do it for us.

Want to try them for yourself?
Supplement Warehouse
Tiger Fitness

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