Get Low, Not Slow - wodLIFTS Review

Most crossfitters own a pair of OLY shoes there days, but sometimes a WOD can cause a bit of difficulty in choosing what shoes to wear.

OLY shoes are excellent for weightlifting, but what to do if a WOD calls for heavy snatches and double unders? Or sprints? Ever tried running in Adidas Adipowers? Don't think so.

Introducing wodLIFTS

wodLIFTS are shoe inserts that turn your regular shoe into lifting shoes. The plastic insert can be placed underneath the inner sole and raise your heel significantly.

wodLIFTS can be an ideal choice for 2 reasons:

1a) You have a pair of OLY shoes, but don't want to carry them around all the time.
1b) You have a pair of OLY shoes, but the WOD doesn't permit wearing them comfortably.
2) You are a beginner crossfitter and don't want to invest (yet) in a pair of OLY shoes.

Also, do you travel a lot? wodLIFTS are like the travel sized weightlifting shoes. Several times in the past, I wondered how to implement my OLY training while traveling, and this is a great solution to that problem.

The Test(s)

What better way to test these than in an actual lifting session?
The first try out was in a front squat session with a person that doesn't own a pair of OLY shoes, but can defenitely benefit from the heel raise and stability the wodLIFTS provide.

The feedback was very positive, with a significant improvement in the lifting experience and a PR!

Second test was in a combined WOD of thrusters and pull-ups. Again, the lifts were doing their job really well, providing the nice heel lift that makes those thrusters just a little easier. No, I'm lying, thusters are never easy, but you get the point.

To conclude

Are they a 100% replacement for Oly shoes? No. The stability of the shoe itself doesn't improve, meaning that it depends completely on what material the shoes you're wearing are made of.
Oly shoes are made with material to provide complete support AND raise the heel. wodLIFTS just raise the heel.

wodLIFTS are a great addition to your gymbag, especially when you travel and don't want to drag along a pair of heavy Oly shoes.
They work great in a WOD with multiple movements that make wearing Oly shoes impossible.

Buy them here, and use code BandC for 10% off your purchase.

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