Healbe Gobe: a 30 day trial and review (part 1)

How about a fitness tracker that not only measures your activity, but also automatically measures your calorie intake?

This is something I was defenitely expecting to be totally normal in the future, and the Healbe Gobe is the first tracker to take steps into the world of automated tracking.

When I first read about this device, I was both skeptical and curious; Was this really possible? How amazing this would be?! The independent reviews and info online was very limited, so after a lot of thinking and pondering, I decided to take the risk, and buy one.

Healbe ReviewThe tracker itself

When buying the Healbe, I knew already from the reviews I could find, that it was big and chunky,
and they were right.
The tracker is massive on my tiny wrist, and gets stuck when I put on my jacket or other long sleeve clothing and during CrossFit workouts it's harder to bend my wrist with front squats, push-ups or other (wrist bending) movements.

Healbe Review

Besides that, I basically look like I'm on house arrest and being monitored. Also, because the device looks different, pRepare to get a lot of questions from people and that can become a bit annoying.

The sensor is a bit rough on the skin, and after wearing it for a week or so, I woke up one morning with some of my skin scratched off, which basically made it impossible to wear it that day (and the 2 days after that)
In the end, I decided to take it off during the night and let it charge.

The app
Healbe Review

As opposed to the tracker, the app looks very slick, it's easy to read and shows you all the data in one screen.

Each segment can be tapped and will then enter you into the individual stats, for calories, water, heart rate, sleep and stress level.
Let's have a look at each segment.

Energy balance

For most of us, the most interesting one. It shows you the calories in (left) and calories out (right)

Healbe Review
Calories in: left
Calories out: right
The large number at the top will display the difference between in and out.

On top of that, it also shows you the intake of fats, carbs and protein and also the outtake of fat and carbs. Protein is missing in the outtake, not sure why.

Healbe Review
If you rotate the screen, it shows you a graph of the entire day.

Hydration Level

At sure I wasn't what to think of this, because for a while of testing, it gave me a "low" status, and I drink a crapload of water and pee every 30 mins. But then I read up on it and it actually doesn't measure the intake of water automatically.
So when you drink water, you need to tap on the glasses in the hydration menu, but I was never able to find that option (??)

Heart Rate

If you have a FitBit for example, this will be nothing new, it measures your heart rate throughout the day, but there is another nifty feature that to my surprise, was quite accurate: bloodpressure monitoring.

When you tap on the "measurement" option, it measures your blood pressure for 30 seconds. It is currently in the testing phase and they hold a margin for error of 20%, but since I own an actually blood pressure monitor, I was able to compare the 2:

Healbe Review Healbe Review

So the bloodpressure monitoring is quite accurate!


Since I decided to not wear the device during the night, I won't have data to share with you, however this is a screenshot from the desktop application of a while back:

Healbe Review

Healbe Review

Stress Level

The stress level is determined by combining the data of sleep quality & heart rate against parameters of sex, age and weight.
Since I wasn't wearing my Healbe at night, the data does not apply in this test.

Healbe Review

The Test

So to see if the healbe actually works, I decided to wear it for 30 days, while also tracking data via FitBit and manually entering food intake in MyFitnessPal.
I will then enter the data into a graph, to see if this actually matches properly.

To make sure I fully disclose my information, you can check the following;

FitBit: https://www.fitbit.com/user/2GDB9T/weight
MyFitnessPal: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/profile/penotti

To be continued!

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