CrossFit Tools

No, we don't mean you should start bringing a shovel with you (hmmmm, although....never mind) We're talking about things that can help you track your WOD results, log your progress, etc.
We found a few nice ones we wanted to share (if you don't know 'em already) and perhaps you have suggestions of your own, feel free to drop us a message!

WOD Stack (personal favorite)

A totally free tool, a very simple lay-out and easy to use. Set up an account, and boom, start logging.
You profile gives a quick overview of your last WOD's, a calendar overview, tagged WOD's and the benchmarks. You can also keep track of your PR's, so you stay motivated.
There is also a possibility to share your results with others for comparison. The creators keep adding new features bases on user input, so that's pretty cool. Recommended site!

Beyond the Whiteboard

Probably one of the first ones around, active since 2008. It is a paid application, but you can start with 30 day free trial, then you can choose between a monthly or year subscription. If you are with an affiliate that is connected to BtW, they can sign you up for free.
It provides the usual loggin options (like WOD's, benchmarks) but you can also track you meals and weight.
They are currently working on an app for both iPhone & Android.

A free tool, with an emphasis on tracking the benchmark workouts. The main page gives a cool overview of all the benchmarks (Heroes, Girls, Challenges, etc.) It sort of feels like the Facebook of benchmarks, where you can compare results with other box-members and users. Very clean look and feel, and also a handy overview tool of all benchmarks in general.


Along with the usual stuff, like WOD tracking, comparing results and connect with other users, this tool also provides member billing for box owners. Another feature is you can organize competitions and have athletes register online.


  1. Thanks. I'm digging WODStack. I workout in a garage gym with some friends and we do our own custom programming. This gives us the flexibility we need.

    1. For programming, try this online tool too:

  2. Good overview. We have just pushed an update to Wodboard where the feed and benchmark pages are rendered dramatically faster. In short the difference between our tool and the others is simplicity, because we chose not to support custom workouts, only the benchmarks.

  3. Have you tried WODStack and WODboard look interesting, I'm not sure if tracking custom workouts is a dealbreaker for me yet.

  4. Not yet, but i've started a Pinterest to collect them all:


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