CrossFit Hacks: Foam Roller

Foam rolling (you hate or you like it) is a good way to relax
your muscles after a big work-out and improve mobility.
What it's also good for, is marketing and making lots of money, and spending $50,- on a foam roller is just not an option for everyone.
We felt the same and wondered if there was a cheaper option with the same result.
Enter: the foam roller hack.

You need:

1 pvc pipe, about 50cm long and 10-15cm in diameter
1 foam yoga mat
super glue
duct tape (yeah!!)

Tip: don't super glue your fingers
The foam mat we used got mangled and chewed on by one of our cats, (hence the marks) and cost about 3,- euros. The pvc pipe cost us 3,70 (so about $9,-total)
Tape the yoga mat to the pipe on 1 edge, drizzle some super glue on the mat and roll it up tightly.
Cut off the remaining part of the mat and secure with duct tape. Done.

The Result

Still want the real deal ? Ask one for Christmas.
Plus, books on Foam Rolling (of course)

Or buy directly at Trigger Point.

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