Inhale. Exhale. Lift. Repeat.

Ever blew a balloon up and let it go as a kid? Or maybe you still do it and giggle because of the fart noise it makes? Geez, grow up..... No, just kidding.
There is something else more interesting about this little trick that can be of help to you when you are hitting your next wod. No, we're not talking about attaching balloons to the bar to make your lifts easier, we're talking about proper breathing.
The reason why a balloon shoots through the air as soon as you let it go, is because the pressure of the air inside the balloon is being released and creates a little force.

Let's take this concept into lifting stuff. Since we breathe about 28.000 times a day, we don't really think about it, and we don't know about you, but as soon as we hear 3,2,1, GO!, we throw all reason overboard to take on the battle with the nasty red numbered timer (it's bad, we know)

But breathing properly can immensely help you with your training and, believe it or not, even add pounds to the bar. Just remember this simple rule:

1) start the lift by taking a deep breath
2) exhale as you push through (exertion)

Take the front squat for example. There's already a lot of stuff you have to pay attention to, proper positioning, elbows up. Before you squat down, take a deep breath and hold it as you go down. As soon as you drive up, exhale. Now you're like that balloon, the air will generate an extra power boost to your lift.
An added bonus with this one is, that as soon as you take a deep breath, your chest will automatically go up, putting your upper body in a more upright position = elbows more up as well.

You might think, duh, doesn't everybody know this already?? But often you'll see athletes with red faces obviously holding their breath at the wrong moment, and when your lungs are screaming for air, well, you get the point. It takes practice, so try this during a heavy day for example, or start with the front squats, wall balls, dead lifts, pick your poison.

Are there downsides to this breathing technique? Yes, you might experience dizziness, nausea,
light headed-ness, that's why practice is important.

Good luck and keep lifting!

Check how Dmitry Klokov front squats 550lbs:

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