Product Review: RIPT Skinsystems

In a previous post we already talked about ripped hands and how to prevent this as much as possible. However, it can still happen that your hands get damaged and there are a few products on the market today designed for crossfitters that help repair the damage and prevent rips in the future.
One of those products is Ript Skin Systems.

Founded in 2010 and based in Ontario, Ript Skin Systems offers a "3 phase Skin Reinforce System" to both repair damaged & maintain healthy hands:

  • Daily Dose (to soften calluses)
  • Quick Fix (to repair ripped calluses & skin)
  • Grindstone (to grind down calluses)
What are the product ingredients? You can find an overview here.

What better way to find out if all the claims are true? On your own hands of course!
After a tough WOD with lots of rope climbs, we realized we didn't practice what we preached ourselves and ended up with a nice set of ripped off calluses on both hands. As most of you know, it's quite painful and uncomfortable, even holding a coffee cup can be a challenge.

Starting with the Quick Fix, we applied it at least 4 times a day for about 3 days (on both hands)
The result:

Before, yikes!

After, niiiize!

So we can conclude this stuff works. After the rip has healed, use the Daily Dose to keep the calluses soft and use the Grindstone to trim them down.
Besides the fact that their product actually works, they ship lighting fast.
Visit Ript Skin Systems and try it yourself. Also available at Rogue Fitness.

(We didn't get bribed or paid to write this review. If we think a product is shit, we'll write that too. However, if you order through any of the links provided, we'll earn a small commission. With that money, we can keep this blog going. Or buy beer)


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I wasn't sure if this product would really work, of if it was just a marketing thing riding along on the crossfit hype. Will order with them soon!


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