Some tips for video submissions Crossfit Games

After reviewing several video submissions, we noticed a few things that we thought we should share to make sure your video submission will be validated.

- State your name and region before you start. (in English)
- Place the timer in the foreground of the video. In some videos the timers are impossible to see (like placed in the back of the room), so there is no way you can keep proper track. See an example below.

Timer in foreground - Yes!

- Especially with WOD's like 13.2, take the video "en profile", so ROM is clearly visible. For example, there was a video of a guy doing the deadlifts while being filmed from the front, so ROM was not visible.

Box jumps should be filmed from the side as well

- Please refrain from filming with a vertical screen, it's harder to fit it all in that way (and it's annoying to watch)

Too narrow!
Narrow & sideways??

- Don't half-ass the last reps in rounds, keep full ROM!!!! Read the guidelines for the wod carefully.
- Mention the total score at the end!!!!
- Film all the weights, so for example, both sides of the barbell.
- Zoom into measure tape numbers, etc. or anything that is harder to see.
- Have a 2nd person in the video (visible) who keeps score.

Any tips? Feel free to add in the comments.
Good luck!

P.S. This post is not intended to humiliate, embarrass or piss off anyone, we just hate to see someone's efforts go to waste because of small mistakes or technical issues.

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