Burpee Miles and more stupid shit

A while ago, I got an invite via Facebook to participate in a burpee mile. So, straight away, the only question came to my mind: why the f%!*k should I go and do burpees for a mile?? What's the point??
This was just one more example of the stupid crossfit related shit we've seen popping up lately. Other examples:

- Burpee Challenge. Ascending burpees for 100 days (start with 1 burpee, do 2 the next, etc.)
- 1000 GHD sit-ups. Do 2 GHD sit-ups on day 1 and keep adding 2 until you reach a 1000.

Seriously, even came across a 1 year burpee challenge. Really? Like, really??

Hmm, let's see, crossfit is "constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity":

There is nothing functional about a bupee mile, nor varied, nor is it high intensity. Sure, a burpee mile may sound intense, but you can be assured that after about 40 of  'em, you'll find yourself flopping down and crawling back up. Nothing intense about that.

It seems that these type of  "challenges" are only done because of the numbers. To impress. To post on Facebook, tweet about. Guess, what, people will have forgotten about it the next day, and you'll have to see a physio therapist for the next few months to fix that wrecked shoulder. Or back. Or both.
The burpee, when done in proper work-outs and at the right volume, is a great full body movement. But when done in chronic amounts, it will just break your body down badly, like any movement in endless repetitions.

So next time, when you get an invite to the 2000 squat challenge, ask yourself this: does it benefit my health or my Facebook status?

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