Product Review: Pump by Gnarly Nutrition

Guest post by: Sabine Weijers
Twitter: @sabineweijers

In a previous review,  I already told you I like Gnarly a lot, and that was based on the test on their whey protein. Along with those samples, they also added a few samples of their product called Gnarly Pump.
Described as a nitric oxide booster, this supplement promises to give you "increased endurance & muscle healing"

The main ingredient, L-Arginine, is claimed to aid in increased production of nitric oxide in the body, and therefore increase the athlete's performance.
The other notable ingredient, creatine, is well-known for it's prolonging muscle endurance effects as well.
To find out more about nitric oxide supplements, check this page.
Of course results always vary per person, but I surely wanted to put this one to the test. And the best way to test it, I thought in my humble opinion, could be Fran. And guess what, it happened to be on the wod board today :-)

First of all, my Fran time is nowhere near to brag about, hell, I haven't even done a Fran yet as prescribed.
Anyway, directions say to take the Boost abut 20-30 mins before your workout, so I did.
At 3,2,1, go! I took off and I cranked out the first 16 thrusters with a lot more power than I was used to. Finished the next 5 and then off to the pull-ups. Fatigue in the lower arms is usually what makes me stop often during pull ups, but I was able to get going again after just a few seconds of pausing.
For some reason, I managed to keep going at a steady pace, not taking too much time to rest.
I finished first, not with an excellent time and still not Rxd', but it went surprisingly well.

Could it be the Pump? Not 100% sure, but it sure felt good! Looking forward to testing this some more, but the first experience sure was a good one. Only downside perhaps is the taste, not a big fan of cranberry, so the sour taste might put some off.

It might not do anything for some, it could be a great help for others. Personally, I'm happy for now, Gnarly Pump might just make it on my personal supplementation list!

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