Brushing? Squatting!

Even though squatting is one the most natural things a human can (and should) do, due to sitting lifestyles (desks, cars, etc.) a lot of adults will lose their ability to squat. This is mostly due to the shortening of the hipflexors and poor ankle mobility.

You did this too... once

Good news is, that this problem can be solved, simply by squatting more. And what kind of activity do most of us at least twice a day that requires a few minutes of our time? Brushing our teeth!

So next time when you brush, squat. If in the beginning it's a bit hard to stay balanced, just hold on to the doorframe, edge of the bathtub, etc.
In time, you will be able to squat deeper and be more balanced in the bottom position.

Check this video by California Strength on lower body flexibility:


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