Product Review: WFit Nutrition

This time, we are reviewing WFit Nutrition.

To quote from their website:

A complete line of advanced, all natural, clean nutrition engineered for the Cross-Functional Training Athletes to provide essential nutrients and synergistic formulas that support every stage of training and development, both inside and outside the box. 

We received a few samples of the Beyond Protein with flavor Vanilla Coconut.
Again, we are looking at the 4 most important criteria:
  1. As little ingredients as possible
  2. mixes well (without blender)
  3. tastes good
  4. extra bonus: tastes good when mixed with water
Tastes good?? Sounds logic, but even the other day we ran into a sample of whey casein that basically tasted like chocolate flavored chalk.

First off, ingredients.

Less than 10, not a bad score.
For the more paleo minded athlete the milk & soy might be a turn-off, but then again, we are talking about whey protein here. 
The soy is usually soy lecithin to bind the product a bit.

The mix

Priority is that it mixes in a shaker bottle, since there is no way we are carrying a blender everywhere we go. Using a shaker bottle with a metal ball works excellent. No lumps and nice and creamy.

The taste

The label says vanilla coconut, it tastes like vanilla coconut. Full and rich, this is a pretty darn good tasting protein shake. Add rum and you've got yourself a protein packed pina colada.

We tried it with only water, so that concludes point 4 straight away, it tastes good mixed with water.

The protein is sold in tubs of 2.59 lbs, at a price of $ 69.99
Not cheap, but in our opinion, a very good protein supplement worth the investment.

Visit them at and use code VIP20 at checkout.

VIP20 728x90

(We didn't get bribed or paid to write this review. If we think a product is shit, we'll write that too. However, if you order through any of the links provided, we'll earn a small commission. With that money, we can keep this blog going. Or buy bacon)

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