#wodsaroundtheworld: S2S Crossfit Bali

Guest post by: Sabine Weijers

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do next to crossfit, and combining the two is even better! This time, my travels took me to Bali, Indonesia.
Usually when I travel, I always look up if there are any boxes in the area where I'm going, and this time it wasn't very hard; S2S Crossfit Bali is the only one on Bali to date.

My schedule was pretty full, so unfortunately I was only able to squeeze in 1 session. Sent an e-mail beforehand (drop-in etiquette) and Crissilia wrote back very welcoming and with directions.

The box is small, but fully open on one side. Luckily there's a fan to provide some cool, but prepare yourself for a sweaty session. Crissilia also warned that if you're not used to the temperature, you most likely won't be able to perform as usual (and she was right!)
Drink plenty of water, the heat and humidity can't be quite hard to deal with.

Sometimes there are also WOD's on the beach, but this time it was in the box:

Link to the WOD here.

After a warm-up (although it feels like you don't need one)
we got going, and after 1 round I had to decrease the weight already...
Crissilia was great coaching our little group, everybody was suffering from the heat & thrusters combo, but we all made it through!

S2S has a small group of regular members, but there are always people dropping in from all over the world, making classes very international.

Currently they are working on extending the box, progress can be tracked on their Facebook page.

Had a blast, thanks guys!

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