Product Review: Super Cissus Rx

If you're like me, the day after a heavy day of squatting, deadlifts, running or wall balls, leaves you with achy, stiff knees and it takes a few air squats to get your knees going again and the pain to subside a little.
A few months into crossfit I started noticing this, and along with my knee pain, I also started having pain in my right hip/groin area. Now I have to be honest, I'm well in my 30's and aware that with age, come certain issues, but I wasn't quite happy with the "just deal with it" solution. On top of that, I have hypermobility (mostly in elbows, knees & hips) so lifting heavy weights is extra stressful on my joints.

After researching online a bit about joint supplements , I came across Super Cissus and if the claims are true, this stuff works wonders.

What is Cissus?
Without quoting Wikipedia too much, the Cissus Quadrangularis is a plant found mainly in Asia & Africa.
In ayurvedic medicine the plant is often used to heal broken bones and heal ligaments and tendons.
There are a lot of case studies done on the effects of Cissus, but in this case I want to examine the claim that it's very beneficial for athletes that deal with joint pain and inflammation.

The test
To test if this product actually works (for me) I purchased a bottle of Super Cissus Rx by USP Labs.
Recommended dosage is 2 tablets at breakfast & dinner. A bottle contains 150 tablets, so this should cover me for about 37 days.

3 issues that I will monitor during this time:

- knee pain/stiffness
- cracking sound in right knee
- right hip/groin pain

The results & conclusion
After about 30 days of use, I can tell a difference. My knees are feeling better, also the day after heavy lifts or running.

- knee pain/stiffness: about 60% less
- cracking sound in right knee: still there
- extra "bonus": after busting my left ringfinger with a 45lb plate (all the phalanges got crushed into eachother) the pain was gone after 3 days and I could properly use my hand again.
- right hip/groin pain: gone

Especially with the last result I'm very happy, since this was causing a lot of pain and trouble during work-outs, limiting my output and intensity.

It will take some time for Cissus to take effect, so don't expect sort-term results. For me, it started to work after about 25 days of use.
It is definitely the best joint supplement I've used, and will continue to use it, highly recommended!

Where to buy?

Or buy in bulk powder from $5.29 (even better deal)

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (PDF)
Indian Journal of Pharmacology (PDF)

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