Product Review: Assault by MusclePharm

The only reason why I bought Assault, was actually because it was on sale. Not that it means anything, but in the end I was just curious and thought "what the hell, why not"

What is it?
Assault is a pre-workout mix, designed to give you an extra boost/pump during your training. Like many pre-workouts, it contains creatine, beta-alanine, BCAA's & citruline malate.

Attention: this is a full scoop

In the above picture, you kind of have to take their word for it, since all this stuff (and other ingredients) are in their "Assault Proprietary Blend" which is the following:

Directions are to mix 1/2 scoop (23 gr) with 12-14 oz. of water. Well, the "scoop" is the size of a protein scoop, and looks out of proportion with the tub! After reading some comments about the product, quite a few people actually only use half a scoop, and that sounds like some good advice. Just don't understand why a company puts 1/2 a scoop as a serving size on a label anyway. Just make the scoop smaller, it's not that hard people.

Take it 20-30 mins. before your workout.

The test

Flavor: Since it was a sale, only 1 flavor as available; Raspberry Lemonade. It tastes like raspberry, but holy shit, this stuff is sweet!
To start off, I mixed half the scoop with about 12oz. (as directed) and it was like being punched in the face with raspberry candy, as if this whole page was crammed into your shaker bottle.

Mixing: It mixes very easily, just in a shaker bottle, no lumps, etc.


The first time the effect was perhaps comprimised, because shortly before I had a Quest bar and a boiled egg. Did however feel a bit more focused as usual, but this could also have been a placebo effect.
No tingling from the beta-alanine, but could be because the dosage of beta-alanine is cut in half of course.

Second time I decided not to eat anything before and just have Assault. I actually used the scoop from their other product, Amino 1, which is 14 grams. Mixed it with more water, about 20oz. Still crazy sweet, but that could be personal. Again no tingles, and the same feeling as before, focused and good energy.

Since I didn't want to leave it at that, third time was a full (!) scoop (so 46gr), mixed with 20oz. of water. First of all, getting the 20oz in before training was a huge job, there was no way I could chug down the the whole mix 20-30 mins before the workout, so I started about 1-1,5hrs. before. Again, not a real noticeable effect, had good energy and consistency throughout. Also, no tingles. Perhaps the mix was too diluted and dispersed over too much time.

Ok, fourth and last test. This time, the full scoop, mixed in 12oz. of water.... Since the mix was very concentrated, it kinda looked like Pepto-Bismol (or a very bad Cosmopolitan). Chugged it down about 30 mins before the workout like a badass, but it wasn't easy.
Sure, I was focused and ready to go, but honestly, I'm always focused and ready to go with my workouts. And still, no tingles from the beta-alanine. Not that I wanted them, but was expecting them at least.

To conclude
Honestly, I'm still not sure, but I didn't want to ramble on for many more tests. It was a tough week.
The thing that I find most difficult, is figuring out what you really get per scoop, whether is half or whole. Plus, listing the ingredients as a blend, kind of throws a veil over how much is in it of what.
The effects were a bit disappointing. Sure, everyone is different, but after reading the reviews, I was expecting to bike to my gym in like 7 seconds and do 3 WOD's in a row. Ok, not really, but you get the point.
It couldn't have been because of my size, since I'm a 5'11",  140lb female.
On top of it all, this stuff is just way too sweet for my taste, they would do me a favor in cutting down the sucralose here. Would I buy it again? Probably not.

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