Product Review: Stronger Faster Healthier

If there was one product we wanted to try for sure, it was the whey protein by Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) Founded in 2010, as a separate division to Maine Natural Health.
Their products aren't especially designed for crossfitters, but since the company focus is a clean diet, fish oil & protein supplementation, it does appeal to people that also follow the paleo diet.
Of course whey is officially not paleo, since it's derived from milk, but it's commonly seen as the exeption to the "rule"

We tried the product "Pure", chocolate flavor.
Let's have a look at the ingredients:

There are only 4 in total, so that's quite impressive!
Sunflower lecithin is used as a binding agent, a lot of companies use soy, so it's nice to see that this protein doesn't contain any soy.

Unfortunately, for personal reasons the last ingredient is a bit of a disappointment.

Since stevia has taken the supplement world by storm, this stuff is in a lot of products and widely available as the new "natural sweetener"
Reason why we don't like it, is the taste. This is of course very personal.

The stevia taste in this protein powder is very overpowering, and that is the only reason why we don't like this product.

So, SFH is not for us, but you can buy their products directly from their site, or here:

Rogue Fitness

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