Product Review: About Time Protein

about time protein reviewAbout Time was born after the founders decided there were too many protein products on the market
containig artificial ingredients, sweeteners and low quality proteins.
We came across this brand because we follow Christy Philips on Twitter, and she posted a tweet about their product
(she's sponsored by them)

After getting in touch with Devenee Schumacher, they were so kind to send us a few samples of their trial pack to review. A little statement from Devenee via e-mail:

Our products are natural, usually lighter tasting than most. We sweeten our protein with Stevia. We have 11 flavors, we do natural meal replacement bars, gluten free protein granola, we just launched an amazing new pre workout (which i am sending you, wait till you see the ingredients). We are launching a new paleo bar May 1st, and shortly after a night time casein product( probably July)

Unfortunately, the pre-workout didn't make it to us in the end, but we did get the whey protein, in 3 flavors:

- chocolate
- vanilla
- birthday cake

Birthday cake is definitely a new one! Again, we're looking for a few criteria:

1) ingredients
2) mix-ability
3) taste

Let's have a look at the ingredients first. Unfortunately, we couldn't help but notice the stevia popping out, Devenee also already pointed it out in the e-mail. Stevia makes us very sad, have a package of that stuff sitting in our cupboards, if there are any takers, feel free to come and pick it up.
The list of ingredients however, is short. You don't see this very often with protein powders.

Xanthan gum is used for a few things, for example as an emulsifier & thickening agent. You'll often also find it in gluten-free products, since xanthan gum makes it more sticky. We're assuming here that it's used as a binding agent.

Mixing is pretty easy, we always use a shaker bottle with the metal ball and after giving a few good shakes, it's ready to go.

The taste? Again, this is personal, but stevia simply makes things taste like crap. Especially when in combination with chocolate, it almost gets a strange salt-like aftertaste. Sorry, it's just not for us.

Another disappointing bit was the product Fill Shake & Go, where individual bottles are filled with whey protein, so you can take it with you can have a shake on the go.
Seems like a tremendous waste of plastic, last thing we need is more landfill.

about time protein review
Again, the taste isn't for us, but if you don't mind a protein powder that's sweetened with stevia and you're looking for a clean product with few ingredients, this could be a good option for you!

Get About Time Protein here

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