Peak Life Scam

Even though I've been around the block a few times in the world of internet shopping, it sometimes does
happen that i don't pay enough attention and end up signing up for a trial package and end up with a subscription to shit I don't want.

This time, it's with the folks of Peak Life. Since I'm always interested in products to promote and support health, and in this case, my achy joints, I decided to sign up for their free trial of the product Peak Life Joint. For only $4,99 you can try a 14 day sample of their product.
The problem is first of all, that that price doesn't even begin to reflect the actual price of the 1 month supply, being $69,99. Had I paid attention, I would have never tried a product that charges such an astronomical fee in the first place.
Anyway, off I went and ordered the sample (mistake 1). Since I don't live in the States, I had it sent to the hotel address of a friend of mine who was there on business.

Now, let's have a look at this product:

For about $ 0,78 per tablet, you're getting vitamin C, B3, some minerals and glucosamine.
Plus the extra bonus of some herbs you can buy in any grocery store.
More on Boswelia Serrata here.

After my friend returned, she told me a while afterwards she got an e-mail from the hotel that another package was delivered.
Thinking it was a mistake, I didn't think anything of it (mistake 2)
After the second time a package was delivered, I got suspicious and checked my credit card statements.

By that time, I was already charged twice for the product + shipping & handling, $150,-
After blocking my credit card immediately, I contacted their client "service" by phone, making sure that they shouldn't put any more efforts in sending more of their shit, since the card was blocked.
They confirmed that they would cancel the subscription and an e-mail was sent to me to confirm this.

Moral of the story? I should have paid more attention, absolutely.
But via this article I'd like to warn others for scams like this, even though they provide the terms, it's pretty much the case in 80% of the times that people don't read this and end up with a subscription to shit they don't want. To the right, the fine print at the last step of ordering the sample.

It basically states that if you don't call within 18 days of placing the order, you will be automatically enrolled into their Peak Life Joint program.

Just be careful before ordering "free" samples, because they might end up costing you $$
Instead of achy joints, I now have an achy wallet.
Hopefully I can get my money back, but for a company that treats their customers like this, I don't have much hope.

More info on scams:

And on Peak Life

After this article was published, Peak Life contacted me via Twitter to resolve the matter.
They then proceed to send me an e-mail to confirm the refund of the money, plus another personal e-mail in which they profoundly said to regret this incident and experience, offering their apologies. +1 for Peak Life for doing so!

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