IgY Nutrition - Recovery Proteins

Since we love to test samples, it was an easy decision to make when we came across a free trial pack of IgY NutritionRecovery Proteins.
The only price you pay is the S&H (about $6)

What is it?

Well, at a glance, it's a hyperimmune egg in powdered form.
A what? Yeah, you know, a hyperimmune egg.
Even after reading the page, it still doesn't make a lot of sense. Supposedly, taking a serving of this stuff after your work-out will help you recover faster.
But looking at what's really in it, it doesn't look like that this can possibly make any difference, since it is, (simply put) powdered egg:

Look, we're all about trying new stuff and keeping an open mind, but a 4,5 gram serving of powdered egg will not suffice after a work-out.

We tried it for the trial period as directed and noticed no difference whatsoever.
However, these guys seem pretty sure of the product, since they even offer a refund if you've used the product and are not happy with it.

Do you have better results? Please share!

IgY Nutrition - www.igynutrition.com

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