I'd like to start with Crossfit, but.....

I need to get in shape first

This is a very common excuse. Frankly, it doesn't matter what shape you're in when you start crossfit. Most likely it will suck either way. The only way to get in shape for crossfit, is to do crossfit.
One example I saw personally, is when we had 3 pro-rugby players visiting our box for a work-out, because their competition was put on hold due to extreme cold.
Can't remember exactly what the wod was, but it involved pull-ups. You'd think these guys would be strong and in shape (and I'm sure they are) but all 3 needed to use a rubberband to do pull-ups. When finished, they lay on the ground in a sweaty heap, like everybody else. Not something you'd expect from dudes that get bodyslammed for a living.

I will look like an idiot in front of others

First of all, you have to courage to show up, so you're not an idiot at all.
Secondly, during a wod, NO ONE will be paying attention to you, since they are all wrapped up in their own world, trying to make it through the wod. "Oh my god, I cant' believe you can't even do regular push-ups" said NO ONE EVER. We will high five you and tell you you did a great job.

But, look at those athletes on YouTube!!

Sure, they look like they walked straight off the set of the 300 movie, but then again, these folks made crossfit their profession, just like soccer players, tennis players, etc. I'm sure nobody was ever feeling discouraged picking up a tennis racket after watching Wimbledon, so neither should you feel discouraged doing crossfit. Plus, a lot of the top crossfitters have some type of athletic background already, like weightlifting, football, gymnastics, etc. Most of them also own a crossfit box and are part of the crossfit coaching staff.

Push-ups? Even Michelle can't do 'em

Seriously, I can't do pull-ups, push-ups or squat!

Pretty much 90% of the people that start crossfit, can't do that. It takes practice and in order to get there, the coach will scale the work-outs to your level, so you can participate just as intensely as everybody else. Then, all of a sudden, you can do a strict pull-up and the whole box is excited for you and you feel like you can do anything (true story)

Crossfit will make me bulky (for the ladies)

This is a frequently discussed topic, since it involves a personal view on aesthetics, that differs per person. Some people think women with muscle definition are beautiful, others think it's too manly. Will you build muscle doing crossfit? Yes, you will get stronger, get toned and look good naked. Will you get deltoids the size of melons? Probably not, but if you want to take crossfit to a higher level and hit serious numbers with deadlifts, snatches or cleans for example, you will end up with better looking guns than Madonna or your boyfriend. It's all up to you in the end.

So, what will happen?

Some days it will suck, some days you will crush a wod. Sometimes you will actually be nervous before a wod and dread the countdown on the clock. Other days, you will hit a PR, do a work-out as prescribed for the first time.
But most of all, you'll do the coolest stuff, like lifting your own bodyweight, climb a rope, jump over things, flip tires, do handstands and feel empowered, one wod at a time.

Author: @sabineweijers

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