Glutathione, a closer look

Glutathione - What is it?

One of the perhaps lesser known supplements, is glutathione. Glu-what? Not to confuse with glutamine, glutathione is a tripeptide, which is produced in the liver. It's a non essential nutrient, meaning that the body can make it on it's own, by synthesizing L-cysteine, L-glutamic acid & glycine (all amino acids)
It plays a key role in metabolism, immune response and is a high potent antioxidant. If you would have to pick an antioxidant superhero, glutathione would come to your rescue.

How to take it

Like said before, our body is able to make it by itself, and there are some studies that indicate that taking it orally is not recommended, since it's broken down in the stomach before it's put to use.

However, there are also ways to assist your body in making it, by eating foods that are high in selenium, such as Brazil nuts & organ meats. Selenium functions as a regulatory agent for glutathione.
Foods that are high in sulfur are very helpful as well, such as broccoli, cabbage & kale.


There are supplements available, and you could possibly try taking it, but most likely you will not notice an immediate change.
Research has not gone as far yet to know whether it makes a big difference, but below are some examples of supplementation:

Upgraded Self  - $59
NOW Foods - $15.59
Jarrow Formulas - $48.97

Another resource to read more about Glutathione:

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