Top 10 gifts for a Crossfitter - 2013 Season

The holiday season is upon us and this means for most of us a lot of shopping, menu planning, scheduling and more holiday stress. Wouldn't it be easy if you could simply use a gift list that's guaranteed to be a success?
Well, look no further, because here it is.

Below, you'll find 10 ultimate crossfit gift ideas that can't go wrong!

1) Adidas Powerlift 2.0 - $90
These shoes are perfect for wearing during a WOD, or simply for doing Olympic Lifts. Even though the sole is flexible, it still provides the needed stability for solid lifts.

2) Rehband Knee Sleeves - $36.95
From crossfit competitors to strongmen; these sleeves have proven themselves as being the essential accessory for every serious lifter.

3) Zombie Bell - from $42.95
Ok, you have to admit that these are pretty awesome. Starting at 0.5 pood, all the way up to 2 pood, these zombie kettle bells are quite the eye-catcher.

4) WOD Talk Magazine - $35
A bi-monthly magazine just about crossfit? Hell yeah! Every issue is loaded with interviews, training tips, nutrition and more! A must-read for every crossfit addict.

5) Hylete Performance Gear - 
from $30
From shorts to tank tops, Hylete carries all the essentials a crossfitter needs. If you can't choose, they also offer giftcards. Use code BC25 for 25% off at checkout!

6) Reebok Nano's
Basically this is the shoe that combines 2 world in one: a stable midsole for heavy lifting, but also flexible enough to run in. The all-round shoe for an all-round athlete.

7) SR1 Rogue bearing Speed Rope - $21.95
In our opinion, the best speed rope, hands down. Of course, everybody
has their personal favorite, but after many experiments with many different ropes, this is still our favorite.

8) Rogue Beater bar - $165
Perfect to start with when you are building your own home-box. This is a favorite among Rogue customers, mainly for the excellent price/quality comparison.

9) Becoming a Supple Leopard - $37.50
If you don't own a copy of this book yet, it's about time you finally do! All you need to know about mobility,
toque, rotation and all the other mobility code words will now finally unveil themselves in this book by Kelly Starrett.

10) One Man One Barbell program - from $39
To start 2014 with killer strength, you'll need a solid strength training program to get you there. Jerred Moon developed this program with years of experience under his belt. In cycles of 3 weeks you can add some serious pounds to your existing numbers and who doesn't want that? For a review on the program, go here. If you don't want to take our word for it, at least take Mike Bledsoe's.

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