Protein Pucks

It may not seem much, but these small discs are perfect to satisfy a sweet tooth, without all the added crap. You just need 4 ingredients and you're good to go.

1 banana (ripe)
3 eggs
2 scoops of Upgraded Whey (about 60 grams)
you can use any whey of course
vanilla powder

Mix everything in a bowl, using an electric hand blender works best. Make sure there are no lumps.
Now in this case, you fill silicone muffin liners with some of the mix and then microwave it on high, until it solidifies. But you can also use a small bowl, mug, etc. The portions will then be bigger. In this case, it was meant to make a small snack, to have in between meals for example. If you use the muffin liners, only fill them half-way.

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