We are powdered by HYLETE!

Let's talk about a company called Hylete.

We absolutely love their stuff, and recently tried a pair of their shorts ourselves, 
the cross-training short 1.0

These shorts are made of 90% polyester & 10% spandex, which makes it the perfect combination of a quick drying, yet stretchy fabric.

What we liked:

- Sizing: Hylete offers a wide variety of sizes, all the way down to XS.
- Fit: The size is very accurate and the fit is extremely comfortable.
- Stretch: The fabric offers a good stretch, perfect for squats and other more extreme movements.
- Quality: The fabric feels like a high quality fabric, it's heavier and more durable. The shorts will last you a long time. Hylete even offers a 2 year guarantee. Reebok, learn from this.
- Splits: There are side-splits that give you even more freedom to move around.
- Pricing: This is high quality apparel for a decent price, and you get 25% off with code BC25.

What we didn't like:

- Velcro: Both the shorts themselves as the pockets have velcro. The velcro makes it bulky and the drawstrings get stuck in it. We don't like velcro.
- Pockets: The shorts have 3 (!) pockets in total, of which 2 have flaps. Pockets are, in our opinion, useless.
- Fabric: Even though we like the fabric, it's a lot thicker than some other shorts. Just be aware of that, especially if you're used to the Crossfit Core Short for example.

These are personal like and dislikes, and to conclude, we really like the stuff Hylete makes.
Bruises & Calluses is excited to announce that we are now Powered by HYLETE

Each of you will now receive 20% off for life at HYLETE.com. Go to hylete.com to activate your 20% off account. 

Use promo code BC25 for an additional 25% off your first order. 

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