Broken collarbone, weeks 4-6

Things are going well, after the first appointment with the physiotherapist, it was concluded that I'm recovering quite fast. Most likely this is because I was already very fit before, and this does help with the recovery.

The main issue is to now work on the muscles in the shoulder, which are all cramped and tight from holding the arm in 1 postion all the time. Especially the muscles in the trapezius and between the shoulderblades are the most painful.

I made a nice "torture device" for the latter problem, 2 tennisballs taped together, so I can massage some of the knots out. A more professional version is pictured to the right and can be purchased here.

Training includes still mostly legs, although I'm able to do more variations of exercises, like the back squat and even light front squats.
The only thing that's still not allowed is to lift over 90 degrees with my arm. In the 4th week I started doing light lateral raises as well.

Like mentioned in a previous post, the angle of the bone is now different, causing a pinched nerve/muscle every now and then, resulting in a pain radiation all the way down to the back of my hand. Hopefully this will go away gradually, but this will be monitored closely. Another doctor's appointment is scheduled for next week as well.

Some WOD examples:

AFAP 10 rounds:
5 DB Thrusters with 1 arm
Back Squatting
15 sit-ups
200 singles, then 5 rounds:
10 DB Deadlifts with 1 arm
10 DB Front Squats with 1 arm
10 DB Push-Press with 1 arm
200 singles
"Single Annie"
100 singles
50 sit-ups
80 singles
40 sit-ups
60 singles
30 sit-ups
40 singles
20 sit-ups
20 singles
10 situps

Progress post on weeks 7-8

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