Broken collarbone, weeks 7-8

To relieve some of the tension mentioned in the previous post, my physiotherapist applied some dry needling treatment this week, which helped a lot. It releases some of the tension in the muscles. It's not particularly pleasant, but it does the trick.

Went to the hospital for a last check-up, and the doctor gave the all clear, although the bone will need to heal more over time.

All arm movements are allowed again (so past 90 degrees) and now I'm starting to slowly increase the workload and incorporate more movements in my training.
The things that still out are pull-ups, ring dips and heavy cleans & snatches.

The bone is still in a recovery fase, where the softer callus tissue will now be transformed into woven bone. So just because you can move around better, that doesn't mean it's back to normal again.


My training schedule has been mostly on a bodybuilding type of template, with now a split into Push/Pull/Legs:

All exercises are done for 3-4 sets, with a rep-range of 10-12.
I see a few advantages in this style of training:

- strengthening the muscles more specifically.
- all muscles are trained multiple times a week.
- this routine will add on muscle mass (something I need)

This routine could possibly also be translated into Crossfit movements: (some movements cross-over)

This was the last post on the broken collarbone recovery, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment below!

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  1. hello there. i just recently suffered a broken clavicle and this is so helpful. i was just wondering how does your clavicle look now and is there any pain in your nerves?


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