Product Review: AMRAP Refuel Bar

Another awesome addition to the paleo protein family, is AMRAP Nutrition. This company based in Boise, OH has created the Refuel bar, that is 100% paleo proof and contains only 8 ingredients:

All ingredients are raw and uncooked, and 100% paleo. So, let's take a bite!

Looking to the right on the nutrition panel, the numbers don't really add up:

Fat: 21g = 189 calories
Carbs: 22g = 88 calories
Protein: 14g = 56 calories

Total of 333 calories.
This might come across as picky, but we believe the label should always provide correct information.

The bar is very solid and dense, so this is perfect fuel for high intensity workouts. The one in the picture weighs in at 62 grams, so pretty close to the number on the label, 64 grams.

The taste is nice and sweet, with a strong coconut flavor, sort of like a compact Bounty bar without the chocolate coating and with nuts :-)

This bar will keep you full for a while, and definitely deserves the name "Refuel".
Again, this is a bar that packs a punch, so it's probably most suitable as a meal replacement when you're on the go, but if you don't mind the calories, a great snack as well.

Where to buy?

They come in a box of 8 for $23.95 at Amrap Nutrition

AMRAP Nutrition

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