Product Review: OrganiGrowth Whey

This time, we're having a look at a whey protein by OrganiGrowth. This company makes certified 100% organic whey protein, with as little ingredients as possible.

We always test on 3 factors:

Ingredients - They certainly succeeded in that area, since it
only contains 4 ingredients:

- organic whey protein concentrate
- organic vanilla or cocoa
- organic cane sugar
- organic flavor
- organic stevia extract

Score: 5/5

Mixability - It mixes well, both with a shaker bottle and a blender, but when using a blender, something happens with the composition of the shake. It seems like the shake separates, with a foamy part and a liquid part. We actually think this is because of the absence of a "binder" in the shake. Usually companies use lecithin (mostly from soy, but it can also be made from sunflower) This can probably prevent the shake from separating.

Score: 3/5

Taste - We had 3 people taste-test it. All 3 had 1 thing in common; they found the taste a bit "weak". Even though the smell of vanilla is very evident and full, the taste falls behind.
Both mixed with water and milk, we rate the taste a 4/5.

The verdict?
OrganiGrowth is definitly on the right track! Their product is 100% organic and as pure as possible, you're not paying for fillers or any weird ingredients which names you can't pronounce.
The only thing that needs a bit of tweaking is perhaps a bolder taste, and the creaminess after mixing.
It's a perfect protein for athletes who are looking to add some quality protein to their diet.

Buy OrganiGrowth Whey online for $30 for 16 oz. resealable bags (which is better for the environment too!)

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with this product, we weren't bribed, paid or even forced to place this review. This review is based 100% on our own opinions and experience. 

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