Product Review: Krave Bars

If you think low carb protein bar, you'd probably have the regular brands in mind, like Quest or Victory bars. But that's not all that's out there folks. Broaden your horizon and you will encounter many more possibilities that are just as good (if not better)

One of those are Krave Protein bars by Pure Fitness Nutrition. Their aim is to create high quality supplements with natural ingredients that deliver.
The product line currently holds 2 products:

- Pre-Workout
- Protein bars

We had the opportunity the try the protein bars, available in 5 flavors, and we tried 2 of them:

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Being the chocolate addicts that we are, we had high expectations. Especially since a lot of the low carb chocolate flavored protein bars taste more like licorice fudge because if the use of stevia. This bar doesn't contain stevia (thank God) but erythritol as a sweetener. But the second ingredient is a more interesting one: blue agave inulin. Inulin is also known as a fructan, and has minimal impact on blood sugar, since the body (almost) cannot process it.
Honestly though, we're not big fans of anything with agave in it, bu that's a personal choice.

The bar is like a soft baked bar, and has pieces of peanut and chocolate chips in it, but somehow the taste is also more licorice-like, as with stevia. We expected more chocolate flavor, and were a bit disappointed.
Taste rating: 3/5

Raw Cookie Dough

It certainly looks like cookie dough, with visible chocolate chips in it.

The taste is less licorice like than the brownie, and does indeed reminds you of cookie dough.
Taste rating: 4/5

Order Krave bars directly online:

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