Protein Oat Bars

This recipe actually came to life because there were a few apples sitting on the kitchen bench that needed eating fast. What better combination than oats, apples and protein?

The silicone loaf-pan that was used is 10x6x4.5 inches, but you can use any size loaf pan you want of course.


200 grams of rolled oats

150 grams of apple whey protein *
400 grams of peeled apples
20 grams of xylitol (optional)
300 ml of water

Heat the oven to 160C
Mix the whey and the oats together in a bowl and set aside. Cut the apples into pieces, and cook in a pan with the water & xylitol for about 10 minutes until soft. Puree the apples with a hand mixer and pour it with the whey/oats mix. Blend this well together, make sure there are no dry bits in the mixture!

Pour into the loaf pan and bake for about 30 minutes.
The cake comes out quite dense and solid, and is very filling.

You get about 11-12 slices out of it.

The macros:

To add extra calories, top it with peanut butteralmond butter or jam.

* Apple whey you ask?? Yes it does exist, check here. If you are in Europe, check out Bulkpowders, if you use code SW115589 you get £5 off your first order. 

Also, check TheProteinWorks, use code SW44472 and get free whey with your first order.

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