Product Review: Sci-Mx Nutrition

This time we're reviewing a UK based company, called Sci-Mx Sports Nutrition.
They offer a wide range of products to suit various goals: muscle building, advanced protein & weight management.

HARDCORE - The HARDCORE™ series is formulated for muscle mass, size and strength
LEANCORE - The LEANCORE™ series is formulated for lean muscle, size and definition
RIPPEDCORE™ - The RIPPEDCORE™ series is formulated for ultra-lean muscle definition

We got 3 samples to try out:

- 1 Pro2Go cookie, Double Choc Chip 
- 1 Pro2Go cookieStrawberry & White Choc Chip
- 1 jar of X-Plode from the RIPPEDCORE™ series

Pro2Go Cookies

The first thing we liked about these cookies is that they are gluten free. You don't need to have celiacs disease to experience trouble with gluten, this can cause bloatiness, painful joints, foggy mind, mood swings, etc.

Packing 23 grams of protein, these cookies are up to par with a protein shake.
The rest of the nutritional profile is very promising:

Low in sugars, 2 grams of fibre and close to 10 grams of fat.
These are macros a regular cookie cannot compete against.

But what about taste? From experience with other protein cookies, taste can be a challenging area to score well in.

The Double Choc Chip holds up to its name, it's dark, the chips are clearly visible and the cookie feels dense.

After the first few bites, we were VERY pleased. The chocolate flavor is rich, the cookie is nice and chewy and there is no after-taste from the sweetener.
This is simply a delicious cookie you can eat guilt-free while adding more protein into you daily diet.

When trying the Strawberry & White Choc Chip, upon opening the wrapper the strawberry smell was clearly present, not too strong and smelled like real strawberries. Even though we're not big fans of fruity flavors, this cookie also did not disappoint.

Score: 5 out of 5

X-Plode - RIPPEDCORE™ series

It's called an Ultra-lean pre workout energy & pump amplifier and is meant to take before your work out, to improve energy, pump and reduce fatigue.
Like most pre workouts, it contains beta-alanine (more on that here) caffeine & amino acids amongst other ingredients.

The label is informative, a plus is that their blends are actually all written out, none of that vague stuff where you'll never know how much is really in a serving.

Interestingly enough, the label on the website also mentioned that a serving contains around 6 grams of protein, which is not mentioned on the jar itself.

It comes in 1 flavor, orange, and actually tastes really nice. Not extremely sweet, a nice pleasant orange taste.

We tried it a few times during a workout, experienced the typical tingles from the beta-alanine and had a nice focus the entire time.
Not jittery at all and no crash, this is a nice pre workout to add a nice kick to your work outs.

To conclude

We highly recommend Sci-Mx to anyone that wants to try a wide range of high quality products with a transparent label and good taste, something that is hard to find these days.

Use code NEW30 on your first order for a generous 30% off!

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