The Protein Bakery: a Review

If you haven't heard of The Protein Bakery yet, you will thank us after reading this article. You're welcome.
We discovered this company a short while ago and now all we can ask ourselves is: why not sooner??

The Protein Bakery has been around since 1999, and has been baking protein-rich cookies, brownies & blondies ever since. A while ago, The Protein Bakery UK started up, so that even more people could enjoy these protein rich goods, and we were able to order some as well!

Currently, The Protein Bakery doesn't ship internationally (yet) so we got our order via Cardiff Sports Nutrition. Also Predator Nutrition ships European-wide.

We got 5 different cookies/brownies:
- Black & White Blondie
- Chocolate Chip Brownie
- Walnut Brownie
- Oatmeal Ginger Raisin Cookie
- Chocolate Chip Cookie
(in bold are pictured)

Unfortunately, not all the products were "photo pretty", but in all honesty, does that really matter? We can describe our findings for each product separately, but that would become quite a repetitive post.
In short: All of them were amazing.

The ingredients & macros

Let's have a look at the ingredients and nutrition facts.
The first thing we notice, is the serving size.
For example, the Black & White Blondie contains 2 servings, but is actually packaged as 1 blondie. And we all know nobody eats half a blondie.

So to clear things up: 1 blondie is 380 calories, 20 grams of fat, 40 grams of carbs (34 grams of sugar) & 12 grams of protein.

At a first glance, the ingredients don't differ very much from regular brownies and cookies. However, they don't contain wheat or any GMO's, and don't contain ingredients you can't pronounce.
The dairy comes from the butter and whey protein, so people that are lactose intolerant might want to be careful.

To conclude

The baked goods by The Protein Bakery are all amazing, and if you have a real serving, all also provide a decent amount of protein, averaging between 8-12 grams.
However, just because they are marketed as high protein, that doesn't take away that they are still cookies & brownies, containing a fair bit of sugar and fat.

Are they delicious? Yes! Eat with caution? Yes, especially when you are trying to cut down on the calories.

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