Product Review: Go Nutrition Whey 80

GoNutrition started about a year ago and was found by the the same guy that started MyProtein back in 2004, Oliver Cookson.

The company offers a wide variety of sports supplements, from whey to nut butters and beyond. Of course we were keen to try some of the products out, in particular their whey protein.

This time, we got our hands on 2 flavors:

- Strawberries & Whipped Cream
- Maple Syrup & Pancake

Especially the latter sounds really interesting, since this is a flavor we haven't seen before.


First, let's have a look at the macros of the Whey 80:

The protein/per gram ratio is pretty good at 0,816, which is higher than some of the top brands out there.


The amount of ingredients comes down to 4-5, which is a very acceptable amount, all ingredients are clearly explained and logic.

Mixability and Taste

The protein mixes excellent, both in a shaker cup or blender, no lumps at all.
The taste of the Maple Syrup & Pancake really resembles the description, you can clearly distinguish the maple, a really nice flavor!

The same goes for the Strawberries & Whipped Cream, really creamy texture, and the strawberry is not too overpowering and tastes really natural.

To conclude

The Whey 80 protein is an excellent whey protein, has a high amount of protein, tastes great and contains few ingredients. On top of that, it's available in 4 sizes:
- 500 grams
- 1 kg
- 2 kg
- 4,5 kg

So you can try out all the flavors without having to buy large quantities straight away!

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