Product Review: Ultra Whey by Sci-Mx

In a previous post, we already tested 2 products from Sci-Mx Nutrition and were very happy about them, so we got extra excited to receive a tub of their improved Ultra Whey protein!

What's Ultra Whey?

Ultra Whey is a blend of cold filtered whey isolate and hydrolysate, and in the new formula, they wanted to cover 2 objectives:

1) Increase the amount of rapid acting whey protein
2) Improve flavour & texture

To quote: "As a result, we successfully managed to increase the whey protein availability by 10% and also improve the customer experience by delivering a daity-like milkshake taste that isn't too heavy on sweetness"
They also removed glutamine peptides (source of wheat), making the product 100% gluten free.

The test

Since we haven't had the Ultra Whey before, we can't really judge on the improvement of the taste & texture, but upon blending and tasting it, we can only say that this is an amazing tasting protein shake.
The flavour tested was chocolate and it tasted smooth, creamy and not too sweet indeed, truly one of the best proteins we've tasted (and we've tasted many)

Macros & Protein Ratio

The macros are looking good, perhaps it's a bit higher in sugar than most whey proteins.
The protein per gram ratio is on par with most leading brands, so no complaints there.

To conclude

This is an excellent whey protein, we love it! The price range is perhaps a bit above standard, but in return you get both high quality and great taste.

Ultra Whey comes in 4 flavours: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry & banana, and is available in 2 sizes: 907 grams & 2.28 kg.
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