Product Review: Funnbar by BPI Sports

After long anticipation and waiting, the Funnbar finally came out! This protein candy promises to satisfy the sweet tooth without the guilt and proving protein in the process.

funnbar reviewReleased by BPI Sports, the Funnbar holds 10 individually wrapped candy chews, which sort of resembles a candy that's popular where we live, or Starbursts.
It comes in 3 flavours:

- Caramel Chocolate
- Orange
- Tropical Berry

In a box are 12 bars, and as far as we know, the bars are not sold individually, so fingers crossed.
Of course, we got the Caramel Chocolate.

Ingredients & Macros

Since BPI Sports is terrible at providing the ingredients of some the products on their own site, we got a screenshot from elsewhere:

The amount of calories come down to less than an average small protein bar and it provides a decent amount of protein.
The high fiber and sweet taste come from the polydextrose syrup, which is often used to raise the fiber content in products. It's made from dextrose, sorbitol & citric acid and is often used as a replacement for sugar, fat, starch & flour.

The other sweeteners are inulin & sucralose, hence the fact that the Funnbar has 0 sugar.

The list isn't extremely long, but if you're looking for a product with more natural ingredients, this probably isn't for you.


The caramel is very dominant, if you would do a blind test, chocolate probably wouldn't come to mind.
Because of the protein blend (probably the milk protein) the texture is a bit chalky.


The Funnbar didn't blow us away, but on the other hand, it can work very well as a quick sweet fix during the day or if you are on a strict cut and crave something sweet.
It's not a cheap sweet fix: a box of 12 bars will cost you around $25-$30.

Available at:


funnbar review

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