Product Review: Reflex Whey Protein

There are quite a few high quality supplement companies in the UK, and one of them is Reflex Nutrition. Based in Brighton and founded by James Philips in 1996, their slogan is "Tomorrows Nutrition Today".
Making whey products since 1997, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about protein.

We got to try 2 of their whey proteins:

- Instant Whey Pro (chocolate)
Instant Whey Pro
- Instant Whey Duo (strawberry)

Instant Whey Pro contains 80% protein, is lower in carbohydrates and contains 4 types of friendly bacteria, making it a very unique whey protein.
The powder mixes really easily, leaving no lumps. The taste is a subtle & creamy chocolate, very pleasant.

Instant Whey Duo

Instant Whey Duo contains 75% protein and is a bit higher in carbohydrates. Again, the powder mixes easily, and the strawberry taste is not too sweet.

The protein ratio for the Whey Pro is 0,8 and for the Whey Duo 0,75, making them both a an excellent protein supplement!

Where to buy?

You can get both proteins at Predator Nutrition, in 5lb jars or single servings.

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