Product Review: Whey Better by Bio-Synergy

Bio-Synergy has been around for a while, since 1997 they have been making products with the intention to create the first high quality, clean and effective range of sports supplements.
That was a breath of fresh air, since we recall that most protein supplements tasted like chalk and protein bars like chocolate coated bricks.
Now, 17 years later, Bio-Synergy has over a million customers and is backed by a growing army of professional athletes.

The Bio-Synergy product-line covers all areas, but in this review we'll have a look at the 100% Whey Better Protein Isolate.
Voted no. 1 most powerful whey protein by Men's Health, this makes for a promising product!

Macros & Ingredients

whey better review
We tried the flavor Chocolate & Mint, and upon opening the tub, we noticed that it was actually all the way FULL. This is an exceptional thing, because too often you open up a tub to find that it's only filled halfway. The tub contains 750 grams and is made to for 750 grams.

The label looks good:

Per serving of 30 grams you get 26.7 grams of protein, a ratio of 0,89, the highest we've encountered thus far!

The ingredient list starts off with the usual suspects, but then towards the end there are a few that may sound unfamiliar.
To make life easier for you, we've linked them, so you know what they are:

Calcium Pantothenate
Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Thiamin Hydrochloride


The powder has a subtle, minty smell, and after mixing it with both water and milk, we concluded that the taste was just about right, except it wasn't very chocolatey, which might be a disappointment for the chocolate lovers. But the overall taste was excellent and not too overpowering.
The powder mixes very easily and leaves no lumps.

Taste score: 8

To Conclude

Whey Better scores very high in the protein department, you get your money's worth and aren't paying for fillers or other added crap.
Only thing we want to note is that the protein is not 100% whey, an unknown part comes from soy, and personally we'd like to avoid soy as much as possible.

Other than that, this is a great quality, good tasting protein that we believe will not disappoint!

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