Product Review: Mobility on Demand

Got mobility?

Besides struggling with technique, strength and endurance issues, most crossfit athletes will encounter another challenge all-together: mobility.

It's no coincidence that along with the flight in popularity that crossfit has taken in the last 2 years, the amount of mobility tools, books, instruction videos and seminars has also jumped up.

From Supple Leopard to voodoo floss, mobility experts are determined to free us from our stiff and unable bodies and transform us into agile and ass-to-grass squatting super-humans.

Mobility on Demand is such a tool that came out recently.

The concept is both simple and clever: It's a deck of cards, containing 30 different mobility exercises for all (6) areas of the body.

Each area is marked with a color, corresponding with the exercise cards. Cards marked with multiple colors contain exercises that deal with multiple areas of the body.

How to use the cards:

Shuffle - Shuffle the cards and take out 5 random cards to create a mobility routine.
Sort - Organize the cards so the complementary areas are next to each other. Then draw off the top.
Divide - Organize the cards into specific ares you want/need to work on. Then shuffle or sort.

For coaches, the cards come in handy help out an athlete with an area they struggle with, or to implement exercises into the warming-up.

The exercises

All cards explain clearly how to perform the exercises and for how long/how many reps by level of difficulty.

To conclude

Mobility on Demand can be an extremely helpful tool to improve mobility, the cards are easy to carry around, so you have your own mobility coach with you, anytime, anywhere!

Where to buy?

Order them online via for $15.99 (excl. shipping)
Make sure you also sign up for the 30 Days of Mobility Challenge right here.

Disclaimer: We did not get paid for this review, nor will we receive any commissions for any purchases that will be made.

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