Crossfit Open 2015 Tips & New Rules

The season has started again, on January 15th the registration opened for the Crossfit Games 2015.
Exciting times are ahead, the first workout 15.1 will be announced of February 26th.

This year, a few things have changed with regards to:
  • A cut in regional competitions, from 18 to 7.
  • Scaled versions of the workouts
  • The introduction of a Teenage Division 14-17 years.
  • The Open will be used to find the fittest of each country and state (U.S., Canada & Australia)

Without going into too much detail (since the full explanation can be read here) there are a few things (not necessarily new) we'd still like to highlight, especially for those that are doing a video submission of their workouts.

Video Guidelines

In the past, we've judged videos as well, and there were quite a few incidents where athletes did not follow the video or scoring guidelines properly, which can possibly result in the video being invalidated. These are:
  • Stating your name
  • Showing the weights used
  • Showing the measurements needed, like box height, wall ball target, etc.
Also make sure:
  • You are ALWAYS in the frame
  • The video is not edited in any way
Note: at the time of writing this article, it wasn't clarified (yet) if a 2nd person needs to be in the frame while performing the workout, and a visible timer to keep score. After writing to HQ, it was replied that if this is indeed required, it will be included in the detailed video submission standards in each week of the Open.

Scoring Guidelines

One particular thing we'd like to mention is the rep counting when performing a movement on alternating sides of the body, like a pistol or dumbbell snatch.

When the movement guidelines are not met on the left for example, and you proceed the repetition on the right, BOTH reps don't count.

Oh and remember: Have fun!
3,2,1, GO!

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