12 Weeks of Hatch - Week 3 & switch around

Well, technically this is week 2a, after last week's little set-back. So let's try again!

Day 1

This week I felt super strong during the back squats, most likely from the fact that my legs got some rest, but I also tried 2 other things differently:

1) Put my weightlifting belt at bit less tight.
2) Loosened the velcro strap on my weightlifting shoes.

The reason for loosening the belt was after I watched a very elaborate video on squatting with Chris Duffin, in which he mentions to not wear your belt too tight, since that prevents you from properly breathing and bracing.

Why I tried loosening the strap, is that somethimes this reduces the ability to move your shins forward, and since I have rather high insteps, I wanted to give this a try. For me, this worked really well.

The Switch Around

After finishing my session of front squats, I again was surprised about home much more front squats work your quads, and how much more I felt doing them.
There is a lot less pressure on my knees, I'm able to stay upright a lot more, working my back flexors better as well.
It was then that I started thinking of making front squats my main workout instead of back squats, simply switching the session around.

Let's give this a try and see what happens.

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