Reviewed: Reebok CrossFit Sprint 2.0

After debating for a long time if I REALLY needed them, I decided to purchase a pair of the Reebok CrossFit Sprint 2.0 shoes.

Actually, I got 2 pair, but the CrossFit Sprint TR just didn't look/feel right, so I passed on those.

As we all know, Reebok's sizing runs a bit wide. So for folks (like me) with narrow feet, the Nano's always feel a bit big, and I was hoping that the Sprint would solve that issue a bit more.

The second problem with Nano's, is that running long distances is, to say the least, not comfortable at all. In the end, we all know the Nano is more designed for lifting, and if you've ever done a, let's say, 5K in them (like me) you know that you will end up with extremely angry knees and achilles tendons.


The Sprints all run a bit more narrow, but some might experience that the toe-box is still a bit wider than usual. 

To my surprise, when I measured the sole up against both the Nano 2.0 and 4.0, the size was identical at the widest part.

However, the upper (Monomesh) part wraps more around your foot, so it feels like it's more enclosed and true to your foot width. It's also a lot thinner than the material used for the Nano 4.0.


Immediately when I put them on, I got the feeling you have with regular running shoes, the sole is a lot softer and "bouncier" 

The heeldrop is only 3mm, so you're not standing on a matrass, but the difference is noticable from the Nano 4.0 for sure.
The shoe weighs less as well, and is about 50 grams lighter than the Nano 4.0 (yes, I weighed them)

The Test

So what better way to test this shoe than in a WOD that is primarily running? And how does this shoe hold up when you start throwing around weights?

The best possible option presented itself this week at my box: 

For time:
1600m run
21 Clean & Jerks 70/50 kg
800m run
21 Clean & Jerks 70/50 kg
1600m run

First, I thought to bring my trusted Adidas PP2 Lifters and switch them around for the clean & jerks, but then I was curious to see how the Sprints would hold up.

By no means am I a heavy lifter and for sure I wasn't going for an Rx result.

But even after scaling down the weight, during the warming-up I already noticed that these shoes are far more unstable for lifting and made my feet wobble and move all over the place on the softer sole.

How did it go?

The running in these shoes is VERY comfortable. Your stride feels lighter and easier, especially when you are used to "ploughing" through your runs on Nano's.

However, as soon as heavy (or any) barbell movement comes into the mix, these shoes will not hold up well. 
During Abbate I was happy that I was wearing my Sprints for the running, but the clean & jerks went horrible.

To conclude

Running in combination with wall balls, KB swings, box jumps, pull-ups, etc. on Sprints is totally doable and probably even more comfortable, but leave the barbell WODs for your Nano's.

My advice in the case of Abbate, you might just want to choose between switching shoes during the workout or Nano's all the way.

*In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase anything. Luckily, you are not forced to click on them, so you can read this post completely for free*

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