Product Review: Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor reviewIf there is one thing I get excited about, it's data and fitness. Measuring power output, calories, speed,
steps, are just a few things that, combined and interpreted correctly, can help you improve performance or create tailor made training programs.

(Sucker for data as well? Check out

So when I was recently approached by Beets Blu to try and test their bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, I gladly accepted.

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor

The monitor is a lightweight device with a soft strap that you put around your chest.
The 2 electrodes on each side will pick up your hear rate in seconds.

Once you've downloaded the free app (iOS & Android), you can immediately see your heart rate on the display.

Fill in your data under "settings" and the app will start calculating your calories burned per minute as well.

You don't need to specifically download their app, you can also use any of the apps that Beets Blu is connected with.

Setting training goals

Depending on your goals, you can calculate your training heart rate with the online tool or in the app.

Choose your calculating method of choice and you're set.
To then make sure you are in the right zone, you can set alerts to let you know you are on the right track.

The Test

Since it's mainly designed for endurance athletes and people that are looking to lose weight, I wasn't sure if I could apply it into my training as well.
My sport is CrossFit and weightlfting, so how could I use the Beets Blu for that?

CrossFit is primarily focused on creating the most maximum power output as possible, and of course your cardiovascular endurance has something to do with that as well.
For weightlifting you could use your heart rate as a recovery indicator between sets.

Below, a comparison between the Beets Blu dashboard and the FitBit dashboard during a CrossFit class.

The workout consisted out of a weightlifting part, followed by a met-con.

The FitBit shows a much lower heart rate than the beets blu, and the amount of calories burned was also a lot lower.
This makes sense, because of the placement of the heart monitor, the Beets Blu is way more accurate.

The monitor stayed nicely in place the entire workout and wasn't uncomfortable at all.

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor review Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor review


I really liked the heart rate monitor, it's easy to use, sits comfortably (except for the 2 buttons that click the monitor in it's place, they can leave an imprint on your skin)

Definitely a great tool that you can use to improve your fitness, recovery time and cardiovascular endurance.


Get your Beets Blu on

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