12 Weeks of Hatch - Week 1

If you follow the CrossFit Weightlifting site, then you know coach Mike Burgener and then you automatically must have come across the Hatch Program.

The Program

Gayle Hatch is an accomplished weightlifter and was het head coach of the 2004 USA Olympic Weightlifting team.

He developed a squat program that includes both back- & front squat in 2 workouts a week. Main emphasis is on the back squat, with varying reps and percentages (up to 1005 of 1RM), while the front squats never exceed the 5 rep range and go no further than 90%
The total program runs for 12 weeks.

Why I chose this program

After doing Smolov, I realized that I thrive quite well on doing multiple squat workouts a week, but Smolov is very time consuming in the way that it leaves very little room for other lifts.
Hatch will still have you squat 2 times, but you can still train other lower body lifts as well, like the deadlift.

Secondly, I realized my front squat needed work. Especially when looking at it from a CrossFit perspective, where thrusters & wall balls are often on the menu and they will be a lot easier when you have a solid front squat.

My numbers

After Smolov, I bumped my back squat up to 78kg, and my max front squat is 62,5kg.
Calculating the program from there is simple, hit the Hatch Squat Calculator with your numbers and you're good to go.


Day 1

The amount of reps is VERY different than with Smolov, and causes more lactic acid buildup, but also promoted more muscle endurance.

The lactic acid was very noticable the next day, I was sore as hell.

Day 2

For some reason I decided to try out knee-wraps, which was a bad idea.
Being inexperienced with wraps, it distracted me from the training.
No soreness afterwards though.

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